Driving Anxiety

Driving Anxiety – Driving Phobias – Fear Of Driving – Panic Attacks

Do you want to be a relaxed, calm, confident, safe driver?


Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you have been driving for years or maybe you are inexperienced.

Perhaps you lost your confidence due to some sort of incident.


The negative feelings mentioned in the title above are more common than you might think and you can be free of them, no matter how long you have had them.

I will help you recognise, understand and control your emotions.

Literally putting you back in the driving seat.


How can I help you?

I used to be a full time driving instructor, I am also an advanced driver with hundreds of thousands of miles worth of experience.

Now I am trained, qualified and experienced in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnosis.

Meaning I am the obvious choice to help you with your driving related concerns.

I have a deep understanding of anxieties, phobias, confidence issues, fears and panic attacks, with detailed professional knowledge and experience of driving.

Helping you to feel very calm behind the wheel.

Take a few moments right now to imagine feeling great whilst driving small or large vehicles:

On the motorway, at night, on rural roads, in heavy traffic, in city centres, on routes you are unfamiliar with, even in different countries.

Feeling relaxed, calm, confident and safe.

As impossible as it might seem right now, it is possible for you.


I will expertly help you move from the problem to the solution, at the rate that is right for you.




Effective Techniques

designed to help you move forward

Make today the day that you begin to overcome the things that are holding you back.



Book early to secure your place, my waiting times are currently 7-10 days.